Different Types Of Allergies Their Cause and Effects

Because it has never been determined why our bodies show sensitivity to different types of allergies from person to person..

Posted by Admin on 14 March 2020

Because it has never been determined why our bodies show sensitivity to different types of allergies from person to person, the cause and effects are still continuously being tested and re-tested in research labs, doctor's offices and patient studies all over the world. To date, it just seems more questions are uncovered during testing than answers are ever found.

People can show a sensitivity to anything. The fact that one person out of a large crowd has their immune system showing allergic reactions to a certain substance is baffling to medical science. New testing procedures are being developed trying to narrow down the cause, sensitivity tests are being perfected trying to help alleviate or remove allergens to certain substances and yet still the human body can show an allergic reaction to many types of allergies.

Different allergies are often not common to different parts of the world either. The reasoning for this is because medical science believes what we as a people routinely eat, or normally it is called our regional preferences, is the food stuff we will most often show sensitivities to. Industrialized societies often seem to be concerned with gluten, fish, shellfish, nuts and peanuts. Newborns and infants always seem to have problems with dairy, eggs and soy products. If you live in an area where rice or many grains are prevalent, these are the types of products generally which give the population there the most trouble. This same pattern seems to follow over almost the entire world.

Common Allergies Not Given As Much News Exposure

Some of the more common types of allergies seen often around the world do include some of the following. Remember though, some of these products are not customary in some parts of the globe. In these areas therefore, a low incidence of allergic reactions will be common.

  • Sulfite allergy which can be fatal to any asthmatic without proper precautions
  • Sesame seed allergy or any other common seeds such as pumpkin or sunflower
  • Latex allergy is very common to health care and kitchen workers
  • Strawberry or fruit allergy which seems to affect people of all age groups
  • Soy allergy or sensitivity to many types of foods from the bean family
  • Tree nut allergies which includes cashews, pecans, walnuts plus many more
  • HFCS (High fructose corn syrup)
  • Toilet paper allergy which may be uncomfortable to talk about but it is obsessive to the individual trying to find a way to stop the itch.
  • A Chocolate allergy is probably the most disappointing to very many people which have this sensitivity.
  • An Aluminum allergy is becoming more and more prevalent these days, much to the dismay of medical research and science.

So although incidences of reactions may be slightly lower, degrees of severity can sometimes be slightly smaller or this small list just does not get the "headlines" in the nightly news as often, each of these plus many, many more are a daily condition many people must safeguard their lives against.

So if you, a friend, family member, co-worker or just an acquaintance are trying to live your daily life with any of the famed list of 8 common types of allergies, or maybe you struggle with one of the lesser known allergens, remember for your own safety: read labels, check all ingredients, add safety and precautionary practices to your everyday routines and see your doctor routinely for check-ups to guarantee your continued health and safety.

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